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Welcome to WH Solutions

Internal Audit and Risk Advisory Professionals

WH Solutions was founded by William (Bill) Hagerman in late 2008 as a way of helping other organizations overcome similar challenges to ones he has had to address during his years as a CAE (Chief Audit Executive).

WH Solutions has years of Internal Audit experience and works hard to provide your organization with cost effective and sustainable solutions to achieve results.

Whether it's a co-sourcing solutions, board advisory, risk analysis, or even internal audit automation solutions, we're confident you'll be glad you invited us to join your team.

Why WH Solutions?

  • Lower costs / Greater savings
  • Teamwork / Leveraging in-house resources
  • Years of experience in all facets of financial, compliance and operational audits
  • Practical approach to solving your needs, i.e., focus on risk management rather than just adding controls
  • Strong belief in using automation to optimize the internal audit and risk management process

May 24, 2011

Raymond Cook, CFO, STEC, Inc.

“I’ve known Bill for many years and worked with him at Conexant and Mindspeed while I was the VP & Controller. During that time, I watched Bill excel as an audit manager for Conexant and as the Director of Internal Audit at Mindspeed. In fact, he created Mindspeed’s Internal Audit department from scratch and played a pivotal role in Mindspeed’s compliance effort with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). After year one of SOX for example, Bill transitioned all of the external services and compliance support (except IT) in-house saving the company thousands of dollars, not to mention negotiating cost reductions for the outsourced IT services.

Bill is a driven individual who constantly strives to exceed expectations and bring value to an organization. He has a proven track record in establishing, managing and leading an effective and efficient audit function and works well with everyone. His hands on approach, motivation and consultative nature are key attributes to his success. Accordingly, I would recommend Bill on any assignment, and in fact, we are using his services at my current employer.”

Managed Bill indirectly at Mindspeed Technologies

May 13, 2011

Bret Johnsen, CFO, SpaceX

“I worked directly with Bill over the last several years during my tenure as Mindspeed’s CFO. I was immediately impressed with his tenacity, work ethic and his drive to bring value to the organization. He was directly responsible for Internal Audit’s transition to a continuous auditing model, which provided, and continues to provide an unprecedented level of assurance to the Executive management team and the Board of Mindspeed. Through this effort, he reduced the cost of audit while expanding the overall audit scope.

Bill is also a vital member of the Mindspeed organization and his can-do attitude is contagious. He is well respected throughout the company, and is often called upon by others to analyze issues outside the scheduled audit plan. Quite frankly, if given the opportunity to work with Bill in the future, I would do so immediately, and would recommend Bill to work on any assignment involving risk management, internal audit services and project management initiatives.”

Managed Bill at WH Solutions, Inc.

November 6, 2009

John Elwood, CFO, Meade Instruments

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Bill knows internal controls--he's been a tremendous help to me and my company's efforts at managing our internal control documentation and assessments during a period of tremendous change, while gearing up for 404(b)--if and when our external auditors will have to opine on our internal controls. He's proven to be the right guy at the right time and I greatly value the work he's done for us and recommend him to others with similar needs.”

Hired Bill as a Internal Control / Audit / Sox in 2009