1. Jun’2011: I am looking for guidance as to how often to test ITGC controls and when they should be tested. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. May’2011: Fraud, Bribery and Conspiracy – Can GRC prevent it?
  3. May’2011: Should auditors fear cloud computing? Are they a barrier to progress or a navigator through the shoals of risk?
  4. May’ 2011: At what point does your minority interest in another entity require you to have that entity be SOX compliant? Is it based on percentage of ownership on the materiality to consolidated financials?
  5. May’2011: Hello All: I am working for a company ($400M revenue, 1200 employees, 5 locations) that is researching SOX applications. What applicaitons have you used and what did you like/dislike about it?
  6. May’2011: A 5 Step Tip Sheet on Testing Internal Controls vibato.com - Steps on how to select a sample size when testing internal controls over financial reporting.
  7. May’2011: Does anyone have a good definition for manual versus automated internal controls over financial reporting?
  8. May’2011: How many recommendations do you include in a standard audit report?
  9. May’2011: While developing an audit plan based on the audit universe, which approach should be adopted/followed for gathering the involved risks in the individual department/division?
  10. Apr’2011: Why are Internal Audit functions reluctant to transition from the traditional audit approach to continuous monitoring / auditing?
  11. Apr’2011:  One more question -->If fraud typically costs organization's 5% of its annual revenue (per ACFE website) then why is fraud risk not a separately disclosed "risk factor" in the annual 10K? Hmmmmmm
  12. Apr’2011: I am searching for a new electronic audit workpaper software to implement for our Fronesic Audit division. Any suggestions for a software that is not geared to financial and certified audit.
  13. Mar’2011: My Two-Part YouTube Presentation on Continuous Auditing
  14. Jan’2011: I'm seeking advice on the latest electronic audit workpaper systems. I'm about to set up a new internal audit function in a medium sized company (£220m turnover) with international operations.
  15. Jan’2011 Are any internal auditors using SAP as an audit management tool?
  16. Jan’2011: What is the best one-stop place to get a primer on SOX? Need help getting new employees an overview and the basics quickly.
  17. Jan’2011: Dears, I have been recently involved in debates about what is a risk based strategic audit plan, how to go about building one, how should it look like, what does it include, etc any thoughts?
  18. Jan’ 2011: Audit Management software: I am currently undertaking a project to update or replace our current Audit Management software. Does anyone have any suggestions for products I can research or, better still, any recommendations for a particular product they are using or have used recently? Thanks.
  19. Jan’2011: I'm currently working on the annual audit plan for the telecom company I work for and I want to make sure I have a complete risk universe. Any pointers?
  20. Dec’2010: How can I do cumulative totals in Excel?
  21. Apr’2010: How do you manage your bank mandates / list of signatories?
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  23. Dec’2009: How much does it cost to implement a continuous assurance (audit) solution using ACL?
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