Adding Value to the ROI Equation...

WH Solutions partners with other industry solutions providers to ensure that your organization can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality of professionalism and expertise. The organizations we partner with have demonstrated values and commitment to excellence over the years and we believe they are a value add for any organization.

Reliant Solutions

Reliant Solutions provides continuous risk management software for chief audit executives who want to reduce the cost, complexity and uncertainty of enterprise-wide audits. With their flagship offering, ReliantAuditorâ„¢, you can achieve efficient audit processes and gain continuous visibility into risks, controls and audit results at any time.

Ethix Corporation

The team at Ethix provides executive management consulting designed to help overcome operational challenges in the areas of risk, compliance, and regulatory. They have years of real world experience as corporate members and understand the challenges your organization faces. They perform low cost, rapid needs analysis which allows them to fully understand your organization and your unique situation. They also provide Retainer programs to help offset costs and provide a wider range of sustained services.